Course maps and other information can be found on the individual events pages.
This page is for smartphone mapping only.

Smartphone Mapping


The use of smartphone mapping is completely optional - the courses will be well marked and maps are not required. That said, some runners may want to try the course out prior to event day, or may wish to carry a map for additional confidence.

We repeat: the courses will be fully marked and you DO NOT require a map on event day.


Get the app: PDF Maps


  1. Install the app
  2. On opening it, press the " + " button
  3. Click on "from the web" and then add the map url(s) as below. The map should then download and you can open and view it.

When you are within the map region (it's useless trying it when you're not anywhere on the map) you should be able to open the map up (make sure location services are active on your phone), press the location button (top left on android; bottom left on iOS) and it will drop a blue dot at your location.

It doesn't use cellular data at all other than to download the map. You need location services turned on.

FAQ: Android // iOS

The Maps

[The map urls need to be copied and pasted EXACTLY as below]


Rd 1 @ Enoggera: NIL
Rd 2 @ Bayview:
Rd 3 @ Bunyaville:
Rd 4 @ Daisy Hill:

Sunshine Coast

Rd 1 @ Pomona:
Rd 2 @ Ewen Maddock Dam:
Rd 3 @ Mapleton:

Gold Coast

Rd 1 @ Clagiraba:
Rd 2 @ Numinbah:
Rd 3 @ Hinze Dam: NIL