Introducing The SEQ Club Trail Championships - 2019/20

SEASON 7 - 2020/19

While trail running is sometimes an individual sport, you can’t give yourself a high five (without looking odd) and you can’t yarn about that awesome, flowing single track to your non-trail mates without sending them to sleep. Your running club can be your friends, family, cheersquad and jeersquad, all rolled into one. And how we love them for it!

In Season 7 of the SEQ Trail Running Series, we’re celebrating all the diverse and wonderful congregations of trail loving crazies by hosting the inaugural SEQ Club Trail Championships.

If you’re running for your club, rather than just for the thrill of the adventure and the smell of a snag as you cross the finish line, make sure to select your club name from the drop down menu when you register. Every club runner will be helping their club get one step closer to taking out the 2019/20 SEQ Club Trail Championship.

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Want to know how we determine who reigns supreme? Here it is in a nutshell:

  • To earn points for their club, runners must select it from the drop down menu at registration.

  • At each event, everyone who runs will receive points. 1st place = 20 points; 2nd place = 18 points; 3rd place = 16 points; 4th place = 14 points... you get the picture. Everyone from 10th place down to our final finisher will receive 2 points.

  • For individuals, these points will go towards the individual Series Championships. For anyone with a club nominated, these points will also be added to your club total.

  • At the end of the season, the club with the most point is the Club Trail Champion!

Depending on which clubs participate, we will look at having a Large and Small Club category. Points will be earned in both the Injinji Short Course and Ultimate Direction Long Course events and with points up for grabs for every runner across the line, the more the merrier (your club will be at the end of Season)!

So there you have it.  All you need to know if you're planning on pitting your club against all the others. Remember, we’ll also be awarding prizes for individual Series Champions plus plenty of random prizes from our fantastic sponsors at each event, so be sure to hang around and join in the finish line fun!

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