Ewen Maddock - Discount Codes and Refunds Update


We don't know about you, but we were a little stir crazy after missing out on the trail fun up at Ewen Maddock Dam last Sunday. Add to that the "fun and games" we've had working out how to process all the refunds and discount codes and we can safely say that we like it so much more when the trails are dry!

Now that we're through the thick of it we've got some information to share so please read carefully below and follow the necessary steps.


If you filled in the online form and requested a discount code for either SEQTRS Rd 8 @ Daisy Hill or Up the Buff Trail Race then we've now set it up and it's ready to go.

During the online registration process you will need to enter your unique promotion code which is in the format of surnamefirstname (i.e. your surname followed by your first name all in lowercase without any spaces). This code will only work for the event you nominated, is only valid during the period of online registrations being open (you won't be able to use if for an on-the-day entry), and the code is non-transferable. Please head on over to the event website ASAP and follow the links to enter: Daisy Hill entry is HERE; Up The Buff entry is HERE.

Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and don't stuff anything up...basically because we don't want to spend another 2 days in front of the computer...our eyes need a break.

Any troubles send us an email!


Those of you who requested a refund, we're going to have to ask you to be patient and wait. There's a process we have to follow with the bank to allow a large batch of individual payments...forms, signatures - all the usual carry on!

We've been told it should only take 5 - 7 days for the transfers to go through, and then a couple of days for them to reach your accounts. We apologise for the delay, but there's simply no faster way to get you your cash!


There's been a fair bit of data collection, sorting, keyboard tapping - blah blah blah - to get this sorted and we want you to know we appreciate your patience throughout it all.

We love nice words and plenty of you have sent some through in an email or left some for us to find on social media so a big high five right back at ya!

We'll see you out on the trails again soon!

Cheers - Chris and Matt