Series Points in 2017-18 (and how you'll earn 'em!)

UPDATE #2 - SEASON 5 - 2017/18

With our washed out event at Ewen Maddock Dam (Rd 7), the criteria to qualify for overall or age group series championships has changed:

RUNNERS NEED TO HAVE FINISHED AT LEAST 4 OF 7 EVENTS (previously 5 of 8 events).

UPDATE #1 - SEASON 5 - 2017/18

Same rules apply as last year (see below), however the age categories are:

<19 / 20-29 / 30-39 / 40-49 / 50-59 / 60+

These apply to both the Injinji Short Course and Ultimate Direction Long Course.

Some people do it for the fresh air, for the endorphin rush, the finish chute high 5's, the good coffee waiting at the end and even the odd bad joke from the race directors! 

But let's be honest...there's a few of you out there who are also in it for the glory and want those valuable championship points.  Well it just so happens that for the 2016/17 series there's a bucket load of them up for grabs.  On top of the usual male and female short and long course series championships, we'll also be sharpening our pencils and firing up the calculators to award male and female age group championships across both series as well.

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Want to know the complex algorithm that we'll use to determine who gets the gold? Well here it is in a nutshell:

  • To be in the running to win either the overall championship or age group championship a runner must compete in at least 5 of the 8 series events.
  • At each event everyone who runs will receive points. 1st place = 20 points; 2nd place = 18 points; 3rd place = 16 points; 4th place = 14 get the picture.  Everyone from 10th place down to our final finisher will receive 2 points.
  • Final championship points will be awarded on the best 5 results that a runner achieves throughout the 8 events.  That means that you don't have to run all events to win...and if you do run all events you can afford to have an off day or kick it at the back chatting to our sweeps!
  • If there is a tie in the points we'll look at the head to head results of the tied runners across all series events.
  • If we still can't split it then it will come down to the runner who has the greatest aggregate point scores across all 8 events in the series.
  • Failing that we'll probably resort to the good old fashioned paper, scissors, rock....but we're pretty sure it won't come to that!

So there you have it.  All you need to know if you're planning on taking home some series bling!  Don't forget that we'll also have plenty of random prizes from our fantastic sponsors at each event so be sure to hang around and join in the finish line fun!

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