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Compete for points across the series

and you and your club could be in the running for prizes

Series 11 points

Some people do it for the fresh air, for the endorphin rush, the finish chute high fives, the good coffee waiting at the end and even the odd bad joke from the race directors!

But let’s be honest, there’s a few of you out there who are also in it for the glory and want those valuable championship points. Well it just so happens that for Season 11, there’s a bucket load of them up for grabs.

At our season finale, we’ll award prizes for:

  • Overall Male and Female Champions in both Long and Short Course: first, second and third!
  • Male and Female Age Champions in both Long and Short Course
  • SEQ Club Trail Champions: Small, Medium and Large club categories

The Nitty Gritty

  • At each event everyone who finishes will receive two sets of points, one for Overall placing and one for Age Category placing.
  • Points are awarded in descending order:
    • 1st place = 20 points;
    • 2nd place = 18 points;
    • 3rd place = 16 points;
    • 4th place = 14 points…you get the picture.
    • Everyone from 10th place through to our final finisher will receive 2 points.
  • On-the-day entries will not earn points so make sure to register early if you’re in it to win it!
For individual awards:
  • Runners must complete at least 5 of the 8 series events and final points will be tallied from your best 5 results. That means that you don’t have to run all the events to win… and if you do run all events, you can afford to have an off day or kick it at the back chatting to our sweeps!
  • If there is a tie in the points, we’ll compare the head to head results of the tied runners across all series events.
  • If we still can’t split it, then it will come down to the runner who has the greatest aggregate point scores across all 8 events in the series.
  • Failing that we’ll probably resort to the good old fashioned paper, scissors, rock….but we’re pretty sure it won’t come to that!
For the SEQ Club Trail Championships:
  • Runners must select their club from the drop down menu when registering for points to be counted.
    • If your club isn’t on the list yet, drop us a line and we can add you. If it’s a privately owned club/group, please ask the owner to contact us.
  • Club points are awarded for every finish and are tallied using the Age Category points. This means that it’s not necessarily the clubs with the fastest runners that will win. Clubs with most consistent involvement across a range of Age Groups are well placed to take out the title!
  • The clubs with the most points in each category (Small, Medium, Large), will be awarded the title and a prize to share with their members.

So there you have it. All you need to know if you’re planning on taking home some series bling! Don’t forget that we’ll also have plenty of random prizes from our fantastic sponsors at each event so be sure to hang around and join in the finish line fun!

Our events sell out fast!

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